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241 Aerofloat

241 Aerofloat (No.25 Ammonium Aerofloat)

Main Components: Xylenol, phosphorodithioic acid  ammonium  

Structural Formula:


Properties: brownish black aqueous solution


 freezing point: minus 10℃

Application: used in the flotation of polymetallic sulphide ore as well as oxidized gold ore. Mainly used in the flotation of galena and

                        argentiferous galena. It is soluble in water and easy to use and has little smell.

Technical conditions:  contents 49%-53%

 PH Value: 9-12

Packaging: plastic drum; the net weight of a barrel is 200 kilograms; packing specifications can be arranged  according to customers’


Storage and transport conditions: waterproof, sunproof, prevent barrels’ rupture; once the medicine is splashed on the skin, wash with

water repeatedly.