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No.31 Aerofloat

No.31 Aerofloat

Main Components: Xylenol disulfide phosphoric acid and diphenylthiourea

Structural Formula:



Properties: corrosive brownish black oily liquid with pungent

Application: used in the flotation of polymetallic sulphide ore as well as oxidized gold ore. Mainly used in the flotation of galena and

                        argentiferous galena. It is insoluble in water so original medicines will be put into the adjusting groove or ball mill.

Technical conditions:  contents 60%-70%   

PH Value: 2-3             

Packaging: plastic drum; the net weight of a barrel is 200 kilograms; packing specifications can be arranged according to customers’


Storage and transport conditions: waterproof, fireproof, sunproof, corrosion-proof; once the barrel is broken, bury it with sandy soil and

 do not flush it with water. If it is splashed on skin, wash with suds repeatedly.