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Sodium Iso (n-, sec) butyl dithiophosphate

Sodium Iso (n-, sec) butyl dithiophosphate

Sodium Iso (n-, sec) butyl dithiophosphate(图1)

Formula: (C4H9O) 2PSSNa




Yellowwish Transparent Liquid

Mineral substance %


Mineral substance %



 Purpose: mainly as an effective collector nonferrous metals, gold, silver and other metal minerals, both weak blistering performance, good

selectivity for copper sulfide, lead, nickel sulfide and other difficult to choose a more multi-metal mineral flotation good

results. It has a strong ability to collectors and collectors of pyrite weaker, which is widely used in copper mines associated

with gold, silver and precious metals and non-ferrous metal mining flotation. Commonly used in lead and zinc flotation separation


 Packing: plastic drum: NW 200KG / barrel; IBC drum: NW 1000KG / barrel

 Storage and transport: moisture, waterproof, anti-exposure. Away from any hot objects or fire.