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Sodium thioglycolate

Sodium thioglycolate

Sodium thioglycolate(图1)

Formula: HSCH2COONa




Light Yellow to dark redliquid

Mineral substance %

≥20 OR 40

PH Value


Application: mainly used for the separation of copper and molybdenum copper sulfide and pyrite, galena inhibitor, with less sodium sulfide

   and sodium cyanide main alte ative for non-cyanide separation provided the conditions, environmentally friendly and safe in

   general. the amount of sodium thioglycolate 50 g / t ore, the actual amount of the amount subject to the laboratory.

Packing: plastic drum: NW 250kg / barrel; IBC drum: NW 1000kg / barrel

Storage and transport: moisture, waterproof, anti-exposure. Away from any hot objects or fire.