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High efficient copper leaching solvent YT84

High efficient copper leaching solvent YT84 Appearance:Amber liquidPerformance:YT84 is the mixture of 2-hydroxyl-5-nonyl acetophenone oxime and solvent oil.The characteristic is with high copper net transfer ability,and strong antioxidant ability. Physical parameter



Flash point


Copper complex solubility(25℃)

≥30g/L Cu

Performance specifications

Maximum copper loading 10%(V/V)

4.8-5.1g/L Cu

Extraction kinetics(60s)


Extraction isothermal point(25℃)

≥3.8g/L Cu(Organic)

≤2.2g/L Cu(Aqueous)

Extraction phase separating


Strip kinetics(30s)


Bae-extractiong isothermal point(25℃)

≤0.6g/L Cu(Organic)

≥33.2g/L Cu(Aqueous)

Strip phase separating


Net copper transfer

≥3.2g/L Cu

Extraction Cu/Fe selectivity