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Dithiophosphate 25

Dithiophosphate 25

Dithiophosphate 25(图1)

Formula: (CH3C6H4O) 2PSSH 




Vandyke Brown Oily Liquid

Mineral substance %


Mineral substance %



 Purpose: Dithiophosphate 25 both collectors and foaming, it is an effective collector of lead, copper, silver and sulphide ore activated

zinc sulfide ore, commonly used in lead and zinc flotation separation operations collector galena., under certain conditions,

also has some heavy metal oxide ore collector effect of the product is slightly soluble in water, can be directly added to the

mashing tank or ball mill. 

 Packing: plastic drum: NW 200KG / barrel; IBC drum: NW 1000KG / barrel 

 Storage and transport: moisture, waterproof, anti-exposure. Away from any hot objects or fire.