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Copper sulfate

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Update time : 2020-10-24 14:19:48

Copper sulfate is blue transparent crystal.Soluble in water, slightly soluble in dilute ethanol and not soluble in anhydrous ethanol.Anhydrous cupric sulfate as gray powder, easy bibulous become turquoise copper sulfate hydrate.Copper sulfate under atmospheric pressure without melting point, after losing crystal water decomposition, heated under atmospheric pressure is stable, no deliquescence, gradually weathering in dry air.Copper sulfate for blue asymmetric triclinic crystal of crystal system, specific gravity 2.29.Stable chemical properties at room temperature, easy dissolved water, in 15  can be dissolved in water by 16.2%, its aqueous solution is blue, and acidic.In the air for a long time will gradually lose crystal water, you become white.

Chemical properties of copper sulfate

Chemical formula cuso4 is strong acid its salt, because weak acid hydrolysis solution.Strong water imbibition, absorbing water after five hydration reaction to generate the blue copper sulfate (commonly known as bluestone or blue vitriol).Aqueous solution is blue.Condensed the copper sulfate solution crystallization, can get five copper sulfate crystal blue water, commonly known as bluestone, copper vitriol, or blue vitriol.When heated to 190  lose crystallization water into fourths cuso4 • h2o (relative molecular mass is 177.62, light green powder).To 258 degrees c into anhydrous salt often use this feature to test some liquid containing trace water in organic matter.The bluestone heated to 650  high temperature, can be decomposed into black copper oxide, sulphur dioxide and oxygen.All have toxic, soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol.Under the action of air reaction with sulfuric acid copper or copper oxide dissolves in dilute sulphuric acid, the evaporation and crystallization.Used for ammonia catalyst, cotton silk mordant, wood preservatives, pesticides, fungicides, water quality medical vomiting agent: as the electroplating, dyestuffs and leather industry of raw materials, anhydrous copper sulfate is used as the dehydrating agent and gas dryer.

The main purpose of the copper sulfate

1.Analytical reagent

Several kinds of chemical analysis is needed to the copper sulfate.It is used in Fiji reagent and Lin bancroft reagent in inspection of reducing sugar.In the reaction, reduction of copper (ii) a precipitation insoluble red cuprous oxide.Copper sulfate can also be used to used to detect protein in biuret reagent.

Flame reaction of copper sulfate, turquoise, color blue is much more than barium ion.

2.Organic synthesis

Copper sulfate can be used in organic synthesis.Anhydrous salt used in catalytic turn acetal.Anhydrous salt reaction with potassium permanganate to generate a kind of antioxidant, is used for primary alcohol conversion.Organic industrial catalyst used for synthetic spices and dyes intermediates, methyl methacrylate polymerization inhibitor.


Copper sulfate also can be used as emetic, thought it with toxicity is too big.But it is still the world health organization (who) _ atc code (v03) list of a kind of antidote.


Copper sulfate can be used to kill fungi.Mixed with limewater generated after bordeaux mixture, as a fungicide, is used to control the lemon, grape crops of fungi, to prevent rotting fruit, etc.Dilute solution used in aquarium in sterilization and removal of the snail.Most fungi requires very low concentration of cupric sulfate can be exterminated, e. coli can also be controlled.In addition, the breeding also used as the main raw material of feed additive trace element copper.