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Pine oil (II oil)

Pine oil (II oil)

Pine oil (II oil)(图1)





Faint yellow to brown oily liquid

Terpene alcohols(%)


Medical impuryity(%)


Mosisture (%)





 Purpose: pine oil is widely used in a variety of metal or non-metallic ore flotation operations, mainly for a variety of sulfide

ore such as copper, lead, zinc and iron, and various non-sulfide flotation. It also has a collector resistance, especially

for talc, sulfur, graphite, molybdenite and coal and other minerals are relatively easy to float collector obvious effect.

Pine oil formed in the flotation operation more stable than other foam frother. Non-ferrous metals as an excellent foaming

agent, has been widely used at home and abroad, with less foam concentrate grade characteristics. Adaptable, thin and dense

foam, blistering fast defoaming speed is fast, easy to operate, no effect on the subsequent flotation. Suitable for multi-metal

ore sorting. 

 Packing: Steel drum: NW 170kg / barrel; IBC drum: NW 1000kg / barrel 

 Storage and transport: moisture, waterproof, anti-exposure. Away from any hot objects or fire.