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The function of foaming agent for flotation oil of no.2 flotation oil

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Update time : 2020-12-09 14:18:24

The flotation oil tells you the action of the foaming agent.
To prevent bubbles from merging, the bubbles in the pulp have a smaller diameter and a certain life span.
Increase the mechanical strength of bubbles.
Reduce the movement speed of bubbles and increase the duration of the bubbles in the pulp.
Stable bubbles, which affect the size, viscosity and brittleness of bubbles, affect flotation speed.
Adsorption with the collector on the surface of the ore, and the synergistic effect.
The critical micellar concentration of the catcher is affected by the coexistence of the catcher in the micelle.
It is possible to emulsify or accelerate the dissolution of the catcher by using the foaming agent.
You can increase the selectivity of flotation process.