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Activation of active agent in mineral dressing agent

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Update time : 2020-12-31 14:18:45

Activation can be divided into: 1, spontaneous activation; To activate the function; 3, the resurrection effect; Vulcanization.
More than 1, the spontaneous activation: processing non-ferrous metal ore, mineral surface in the process of grinding the effect of the soluble salt ions and some spontaneous, sphalerite and sulfide copper mineral symbiosis, for example, in the oxidation of the mined ore after total sulfide copper oxidized into a small amount of copper sulfate, Cu2 + ions in the pulp and sphalerite surface activation, to cause separation of copper and zinc is difficult, need to add lime and sodium carbonate to adjust some agent to precipitate may cause activation "unavoidably ion.
The activation of an activator is to select a certain mineral. When the iron oxide is heavier, the oxidation film on the surface of the pyrite is applied to the iron ore of the pyrite, and the surface of the pyrite is exposed to the surface of the pyrite, which is good for flotation.
The resurrection effect refers to a certain mineral that was previously suppressed, such as a flash of zinc, which was suppressed by cyanide, and the resurrection of copper sulfate.
4, sulfuration refers to metal oxide ore first treated with sodium sulfide, in oxidized ore generated on the surface of a layer of metal sulfide mineral membrane, and then using xanthate flotation.